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"Defiant One" (c) Copyright Paul Moore


“Don’t expect the answers to come to you.  Don’t wait for a leader to rise up and take you someplace. If you want information, and we have plenty, come and take it from us.  It’s on you.  If you want to go out and begin something, you have to organize and study.  You have to try many things before you may find some success.  We are here to give you the help of our experience and knowledge, but now is the time of your generation and only you can make the choices.”–Dr. Cleveland Sellers

Dr. Cleveland Sellers is a veteran of the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements. As a young student activist he was involved with SCLC and SNCC. Dr. Sellers is a survivor of the Orangeburg Massacre of 1968. He has served as an African American Studies professor and director, Education Specialist, Historian, and College President. Dr. Sellers’ autobiography, The River of No Return was published by the University Press of Mississippi in 1990.

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