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On Black Leadership In Post-WWI and Racial Violence Against People  of African Descent

“…True leaders are men who at all times, according to their light, stand unflinchingly for the interests committed to their care and for the greatest good to the largest number. They are above quibbling and jealousies and deception and self-serving. No opportunity for selling out the community’s interest to secure personal aggrandizement or material property can tempt them to swerve from the path of honor and right. They are men who cannot be bought.

In times like these we need men who are true–leaders who will place the people’s welfare above every other consderation. Only men of strength and stamina and of unyielding character where right is involved are thus equipped and dependable. God grant such men to us. All others will fail utterly and ignobly, as they should.”

[An Excerpt From An Editorial, “False Leadership” The Mobile Forum, October 11, 1919.]

See African-American newspapers and The Complete History of the Colored Soldiers in the War, an authentic story of the greatest war of civilized times and what the colored man did to uphold democracy and liberty (1919), courtesy of  http://openlibrary.org