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Portrait of African-American historian Carter ...

CARTER G. WOODSON, Historian. As a scholar, author and founder of the Association for Study of Negro Life and History, Dr. Woodson deserves a place of honor at the Exposition as the chronicler of the achievements of the Negro race. Prior to his efforts no scientific and organized plan of recording the share of the Negro in the history of America had ever been made. Histories and text books were written as though the black man had been a passive and unsharing factor in our civilization. Prepared for his life work by the best education Harvard, the University of Chicago, the Sorbonne in Paris, and Heidelberg Universities could give, Dr. Woodson set to work to bring to light these dark pages of American Achievement by Negroes. As a result of his capable work more than half-a-hundred volumes of authentic and important historical records are now available in the libraries of the world. He organized the Associated Publishers to publish the historical writings of colored scholars, issued pictures of outstanding Negro figures, and established the annual celebration of Negro History Week.”

SOURCE: American Negro Exposition Official Program And Guide Book. The exhibition was held at the Chicago, Illinois Coliseum From July 4 To Sept.2, 1940. American Negro Exposition Program and Guide Book. Chicago, IL: Exhibition Authority, 1940 (35).

[1]Called “the first real Negro World’s Fair in all history” (1), Woodson was featured in the Literature section of the general exhibits as the foremost scholar (in the scientific study) of African Americans. Public domain. Published 1923-1963 with notice but no evidence of copyright renewal found.

RECOMMENDED READING: James L. Conyers, Jr., Carter G. Woodson: A Historical Reader, New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 2000.