About History Is A State Of Mind

“History Is A State Of Mind” (HSM)  is a site which shares knowledge and an appreciation of the past. Since 2011 the blog has focused on historical issues of race, culture, and the diversity of human ideas.

Egypt: Woman, Veiled, Cairo

Egypt: Woman, Veiled, Cairo (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

We possess a clear perspective on historical studies, race, and Africanity; however, we rarely “exhort.” We encourage readers to observe our particular perspective, but always research and interpret for themselves.

We discuss history, race and knowledge…and reprint/re-blog, and recommend critical reading/media for the purposes of teaching, research, and scholarship.

The History Is A State of Mind blog publishes: recommended readings/book lists, bibliographies, biographies, quotes, books, articles and other documents, podcasts, videos, images/photographs, news items, reviews, ephemera–and blogs (opinion/commentary).

We are an Occasional Blog site–we publish frequently from May through September; and less so during the remainder of the year.

Please feel free to share thoughtful opinions and comments on any post (current or archived).

[Four African American women seated on steps o...

[Four African American women seated on steps of building at Atlanta University, Georgia] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Our Motto:

“Study History, Know History…Create History”…

Because ultimately, History Is a State of Mind

The site is linked to the YouTube Videos, History Is A State Of Mind Productions and other blogs.

Copyright 2011, 2012, 2013, History Is A State of Mind Productions


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